Is 'navigation' coming to the operating room?[산업종합저널]


Is 'navigation' coming to the operating room? - 산업종합저널 김대은

'Medical Information Navigation' was exhibited at the 2023 Korea Digital Future Innovation Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Exhibition), which was held under the theme of 'The World of Super Gap that Digital Transformation Will Create'.

The product, which is based on vision AI, can track medical devices and improve the accuracy of three-dimensionalized data such as CT and the actual patient's body position.

AR surgical training is also possible. It displays the position, angle, and depth of surgical tools on the display to assist, and there is also a test mode to evaluate the level of proficiency.

"It is like providing navigation for doctors who have been operating on a map," said Byungjoon Park, MD PhD, CEO of Decasight, "and it can also be used for machine learning training for the development of automated surgical robots in the future."

The exhibition will be held at COEX Hall A in Samseong-dong until the 27th.

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